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New Creation Woman Podcast

The Right To Be Holy | Biblical Womanhood

This is another episode where I have my sweet sister Chauntia Williams joining me for our series on Biblical Femininity today, and together we’re going to discuss what the Bible says about womanhood and our “right to be holy”, how we can walk in righteousness, and what some of the beautiful (perks) and ugly things (sacrifices) that we will likely come across as we continually transform from a glory to a glory.

Self Care vs. Vanity vs. Idolatry

You may be wondering where idol worship fits in here. Well, it may surprise you to think about this, but extreme vanity, or obsession of any kind, can lead to pride, and that can quickly become an idol we aren’t keen to want to shed. We both get pretty raw and share some moments from our past that neither of us could comfortably do if it weren't for the full restoration and healing made possible by Jesus's divine grace. This is a no-judgment zone, and we are not condemning anyone. We are simply shedding His light on some dark places we have both been when it comes to self-care turning into vanity.

The Subtle Power of Silence

Perhaps you grew up hearing the old phrase that “like children, women should be seen and not heard”. Now I know for my generation at least that phrase is a total relic and rightfully so, it took us nearly a century to overturn that one and it’s safe to say it truly has been forgotten. However, when silence is used as a power, as a conscious act of self-control NOT because we are simply being told to or the subject of neglect or even abuse, but because we recognize that it can be an opportunity to save our energy from lashing out, to keep our peace, and to navigate a situation that would otherwise quickly escalate out of control and into scenarios we could likely regret… this is the type of subtle power in maintaining composure and grace that I want to look deeper into with you today

How to Submit to Christ as a New Creation Woman

Proper submission is especially needed and helpful when we are preparing to rise up as an Ezer Kenegdo warrior woman in prayer and intercession in a spiritual battle! In these types of battles, we face not only external forces but the thoughts and passions within ourselves that may stray from the path of righteousness... We have a very special woman of God join us for this episode. Mrs. Chauntia Williams, is a wife, mother, and spiritual life coach. She is also the founder of where she advocates for voiceless and broken women to help them find strength, courage, faith & hope. She is passionate about helping women determine the course of their lives, self-worth, and helping them reach their full potential. She also has a special heart for victims of domestic abuse and ministers to them.

What is Biblical Submission in Christain Marriage

We are going to dare to discuss the highly controversial concept of biblical submission, and the phrase most women cringe at when hearing, “Wives, submit to your husbands”. The world has a totally misinterpreted and distorted view of what the biblical role of wives is, and it has ruined marriage. Just take a look at the statistics for divorce, and even new marriages. Less and less people are even bothering to get married let alone stay married for life, and it comes down to these core biblical principles being completely misunderstood, and therefore abandoned. It’s our duty as godly women to pass down what is sound doctrine, what is good and true to the younger generations, that is what it says in Titus 2, and that’s what I’m hoping to equip you with in this episode.

What is Biblical Femininity? | Ezer Kenegdo 

This is the first in our series on Biblical Femininity where we will uncover what the Bible says about womanhood. We will discuss the Hebrew term "Ezer Kenegdo" and unpack all of the gorgeous characteristics that God designed into His creation of a woman. We'll also get to what is going on today in the world, and how biblical femininity is coming under attack by the enemy. We will look at how God’s order for creation -that goes back to Genesis- is under attack by modern culture and our society. There has never been a more important time for us as women, whether you are single, or a mother with daughters, to take pride in our identities as daughters of the King, to embrace our biblical femininity, as new creation women who are purposefully living the way He so perfectly designed us to.

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